A garage door may become malfunction for quite a few reasons but one of the repeat offenders that is noticed most often is the broken garage door spring. These springs are used on the garage doors to balance the 300 to 400 pounds garage door to make it easy to move but unfortunately, the weight of the garage door takes a toll and the springs will break. It is also important that broken springs should be replaced as soon as they break. Otherwise, it will cause a serious headache if the issue doesn’t handle timely. Visit the link https://acegaragedoorfortworth.com/broken-garage-door-springs/ to read more about garage door springs.

  • The life cycle of garage door springs:

Garage door springs are typically rated in “cycles” which means how many times the springs will be effective to work before they break. According to professionals, high-quality and well-maintained garage door springs are rated for 30,000 operating cycles and more. For example, if you have a properly operating garage door with an efficient system that is opened and closed about 5 to 7 times a  day, it is expected to get approximately 7 to 10 years of working life before the springs breaks and need to be replaced. 

  • Types of garage door springs:

There are two common types of springs used on the standard to customize garage doors including torsion springs and extension springs. A garage door that has a torsion spring normally has one torsion spring placed right above the opening of the garage door with a metal spindle running throughout it. When the garage door goes up and down, the torsion spring clamps down on a metal rod and uncoils to generate and release the tension to help the garage door to move perfectly. Garage door extension springs are normally mounted on either side of the garage door that stretches out and bounces back as the garage door runs.

  • Garage door spring repair project:  

You may think, how can I replace my broken garage door springs and what do I do about it. Some potential telltales are it is a garage door opener that lifts the weight of the garage door but it is the wrong perception. These are the springs that aid the garage door to lift the weight of the garage door. If your garage door opener strains to open it, you may hear a loud sound while operating a garage door, or the garage door is hanging at an angle, which means that garage door spring needs to be replaced.

If you are facing the problem of broken garage door springs, I strongly suggested that hire a reputable, licensed, and experienced technician for further assistance. Don’t forget that torsion springs hold a high amount of pressure that needs to be released properly to prevent turning the springs into a potentially lethal projectile if break suddenly. In addition to this, the garage door needs to be aligned correctly to avoid causing further damage to the springs and garage door opener.