It is obvious, one day you push the button of the opener to get your car into or out of your garage but it won’t operate. You try to press the button or remote control again and again but each time nothing happens. You need to open the garage door to get the car out so that you can leave the home and get to work timely. You rely on being able to open and close the garage door so that you can park the car inside a garage when you arrived home. There are plenty of professional garage door companies like, Garage Door Repair New Haven CT which offer valuable and affordable services.

One of several reasons for the malfunctioning garage door could be the non-responding garage door. You can fix your non-operational garage door; you just need to figure out what is going wrong when you are stuck with your car inside or outside the home. Look at the list of possible causes so that you can start searching and narrowing them down.

  • Motor or opener has been unplugged accidentally
  • Photo-eye of sensors cannot be functional
  • Broken torsion springs
  • The wall-mounted pad works but the remote control do not functional
  • Broken cables
  • Jammed or misaligned tracks

The photo-eye of sensors has a clear line of sight to make sure the garage door will close properly. If the photo eye is dirty, blocking, or doesn’t have a clear line to see the garage door will not close at all. The photo-eye of sensors should be cleaned. Check the opener and operator to make sure that they have not been unplugged accidentally.

Torsion springs of the garage door will have a specific time span. When these springs have completed their lifecycle, they will become loose and eventually break. In this case, the only person conducting the torsion spring replacement should be a professional garage door technician. If the wall-mounted keypad still works but the handy remote does not function. It means that the remote may have died or low batteries. Simply replacing the batteries will help you to fix the problem. If it still does not work, then the remote or opener may need to be reprogrammed.

When garage door cables break, they should be fixed or replaced by a professional garage door worker. These cables are also dangerous like torsion springs. These cables are attached to the drum which you found at the top of the garage door.

Well, why it is so vital to hire a professional garage door company to perform the work? The garage door is heavy and bulky equipment which is hard to manage. Garage door springs and cables attached to the garage door are placed under a high degree of tension and pressure. The only person who knows who to handle them safely is a trained and experienced garage door expert.