So you are planning a day out in London? First things first, make sure that you book your hotel in advance at Note that if you book at least a month in advance, you can be sure that you will benefit from our awesome discounted rates.

Now, after making sure that you have booked that wonderful one-night hotel stay, how do you maximize your day? Here is a suggested itinerary.

  1. Enjoy a sumptuous English breakfast at your hotel. Make sure that you load up on caffeine as you will need the extra energy for that jaunt in this wonderful capital of the United Kingdom. But if you need an extra shot of caffeine, you don’t have to worry as you can get English tea or coffee at many shops along the way.
  2. The best place to start exploring is at Westminster. Make sure that you check with your hotel reception if they have a free service to Westminster. Otherwise, you can take the bus or the London tube. At Westminster, see the Big Ben and the imposing Houses of Westminster. Walk a bit farther to get a view of the London Eye and the Thames. Walk back to see the Westminster Abbey and its surrounding gardens.
  3. From there, just continue walking and enjoy the sights. Head off to the Tate Modern and the Borough Market to grab some lunch. It’s a wonderful network of stalls that offer that great British food.
  4. From Borough Market, you can cross the London Bridge. Marvel at the beautiful and intricate architecture. You can walk towards St. Paul’s Cathedral, another iconic stop in London.
  5. Take the tube to Notting Hill. You can view the beautiful neighborhood, the park and head towards the Portobello Market.
  6. If you still have the energy, go to Soho and the Covent Garden for a taste of the nightlife. These places are indeed buzzing with life. You can also go to Trafalgar Square and the Piccadilly Circus.
  7. From here, find a service to your hotel or take the tube again. It’s a really nice way of getting a taste of London.