How do I sell my books?

You can sell your books by bringing them to the seller’s entrance on 12th street. Full information on the selling process can be found in our seller’s guide.

I wrote a book. Will EBooking Site sell it in the store?

First of all, congrats!

If you would like for your book to be considered for the shelves at Strand Book Store, email our book buyers at submissions with the following information:

Full Name


Book Title



Brief Description

Publisher/How to Order

What happens when I order a book that is currently out of stock?

The book will be placed on your Requested Item List for 60 days. You will be contacted via email if we receive a copy during this time. No books will be charged or shipped without your express permission.

What is the Requested Item List?

When an item is unavailable at the time you place your order, a standing order is placed for that item for 60 days. If we receive a copy during this time, you will be notified and you may choose to purchase the book. No Requested Item listed items will be charged to you without your express permission. If we do not receive a copy within this period, the order will be canceled. You may choose to re-order the book if you would like to renew its Requested Item listed status for another 60 days. Additionally, please note that while we do our best to process all orders as soon as possible, our online inventory is the same as our in-store inventory and therefore may be subject to prior sale.

When will my books come “back in stock?”

Although we provide no guarantee that out of stock items will come back in stock, our stock is continually replenished as we buy books every day.

Why can I order more books than are available?

Our stock is constantly replenished as we buy books from customers and publishers every day. Your order request may exceed our stock quantity as we may receive more of your item in the future. The out of stock quantity will be placed on a standing order for 60 days and you will be notified if and when your book becomes available. No back in stock items will be charged to you without your express permission.